🔺Ansible Playbook to Retrieve Docker container IP and Update in Inventory using customized SSH enabled Docker Image and Host a Webserver.🔺

Hi guys,

In this blog i will show how to Create an Ansible Playbook that will retrieve the IP of newly launched Docker Container and update it in the Inventory file and also launch a Webserver on top of it using Ansible Playbook.

For this I have created my own customized centos image for enabling ssh inside a docker container and uploaded in docker hub click here to check it.

I have created the image using Docker file

create a file named [Dockerfile] and enter the code below .

◾ In the above code i have used centos image to install net-tools, openssh-server and passwd software.

◾ Generated a Key and Run sshd Service in background.

Now Build it

Above u can see Image Created .

Now lets configure Ansible.

Now lets create a Ansible Playbook that does the following things

  • Install docker
  • Start docker service
  • Pull Image & launch container & expose the docker container
  • Retrieve docker container IP
  • Inside inventory mentioning docker container IP for further web server configuration.

Now lets Run the PLaybook

# ansible-playbook task14–2.yml

Above U can see Docker Container has successfully launched.

Inventory File BEFORE

Inventory File AFTER running playbook

Successfully It has Retrieved the ip of Newly Launched container…

Now lets launch a Webserver On top of it

For that lets Create a Playbook for it

now lets run the playbook

Playbook successfully launched .

Lets check weather it is working or not

YES u can see our Webserver successfully Launched on top of a Docker Container

By this we have Successfully Done our task.

YOU can access code at GitHub:

Thats all For now I hope it helped you… if any queries feel free reach me at Linkidin.

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